Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that your question will be answered below. However, please feel free to contact us should your require any further information.

Which schools do you provide uniform for?

The schools that we currently provide branded uniform for can be found on the schools page.

How accurate are your product images?

Although we try our best to match the colour of our product images to the clothing items, due to technical restrictions the reproduced colours are an indication of colour and may not be 100% representative of the actual colour.

Do you have everything in stock?

We try our best to keep a reserve stock of all of our uniform products. However, for most of our items, we should be able to restock within 3 to 5 working days.

Can I pay in instalments?

Although we try to keep our prices as low as possible, we understand that purchasing uniform for a new school in one go can be a large undertaking.

Simply pop into our shop to further enquire.

Can I order online?

Please use our online store to order and purchase uniform items.