Q3 Academy – Girls Uniform (Option 3)

Q3 Academy – Girls Uniform (Option 3)


Girls full uniform for Q3 Academy

New Year 7: £90
Senior: £107

Option 3
28 Inches28 Inches30 Inches30 Inches32 Inches32 Inches34 Inches34 Inches36 Inches36 Inches38 Inches38 Inches40 Inches40 Inches42 Inches42 Inches44+ Inches44+ Inches
24 Inches24 Inches26 Inches26 Inches28 Inches28 Inches30+ Inches30+ Inches
Up to 14 InchesUp to 14 Inches14.5+ Inches14.5+ Inches
Red (Arts)Red (Arts)Yellow (Communications)Yellow (Communications)Green (Social Design)Green (Social Design)Light Blue (Lifestyle)Light Blue (Lifestyle)Dark Blue (Discovery)Dark Blue (Discovery)
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